Saveiro Robust 2019 Specs Update And Price

Thursday, December 13th, 2018 - Volkswagen
Saveiro Robust 2019 Ficha Tecnica

Saveiro Robust 2019. Although the entry version is equipped with a 1.6-liter engine and a 5-speed manual transmission, the Volkswagen Saveiro 2019 has two engine options in the configuration: 1.6 8V Total Flex, which offers 101 hp with gasoline, 104 hp with ethanol inversions, or 1.6 MSI produced 110 HP with gasoline and 120 HP with ethanol in the cross version.

The new integrated compact truck is ideal for those who need to carry small loads and transit in large cities. The driver will have the option of buying it in 7 configurations, with three types of the cab: simple, extended and double.

Saveiro Robust CS: R $ 48,390. The new Saveiro 2019 is the best model for this season. With a range of new features and reasonable prices, the compact VW is one of the best sales this year.

The new Saveiro 2019 brings many new features to the Brazilian market. Starting from the powerful dual cab without any regrets, a work-oriented configuration is provided with a simple cab. Now it is possible to accommodate up to 5 people!

Another novelty is that the extended Trendline Cab leaves the line because the catalog consists of 7 configurations with 3 body options.

If you’re eager to get more details about the new Volkswagen cars, check out what’s changed and all the news about the built-in line selection.

The Volkswagen Saveiro 2019 comes with more items as standard specifications. In the Trendline configuration, the model has air conditioning, mobile phone support with a USB port on the dashboard, Media Plus radio, pocket knife key, Coming and Leaving Home headlamps, mirrored door handles and door handles, model locks and mirrors.

On the other hand, the cross-section of the first line and midline version, Highline, came from the factory with support for smartphones with USB input. Another of the line is to replace Pepper model sports by Highline in the catalog. This version is more powerful, with a 1.8V engine and a double or long cab.

Some features are distinguished from the Pepper of the Highline, such as black and red details of the interior and exterior of the vehicles, as well as a cell-type grille, rear mirrors with black or red cover and diamond wheels.

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