2020 Nissan Z Specs Update And Price

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 - Nissan
2020 Nissan Zx

2020 Nissan Z. The strongest version of Nissan Z of each is expected to be a place in the 400-horse area, and there can also be a hybrid derivative along the line. Again, we would not tell much about this gossip, but we have to admit that it is interesting to see Nissan and Mercedes cooperating in a similar way to what BMW and Toyota did with the Z4 and Supra models that were developed together. If Nissan moves the boundaries of the automotive world with the last GTR, Z should get at least some effects. The 370Z was not considered as a smaller version of the GTR, but could use some great engineering solutions inspired by the race. Make sure you know how to corner, but the GTR is just another world for it. We hope that the new Z will further support the GTR features. This does not mean that you have to lose part of the GT, just because the soft mix may be more exciting to buyers.

Without seeing a concept 2020 Nissan Z, everything is left to pure divinity. It seems that the current version has survived the animation of Manga and we do not see the survival model under consideration. The new version is likely to be clearer, with its visual appeal from the GTR. In addition, since Nissan has paid more attention to network designs recently, the small secret network will be allocated to something more dramatic, like Murano or Maxima.

Not much at the moment, because the concept did not appear for the first time, not to mention the production version. What is certain is the use of the FR-L shortcut platform, which currently supports the Infiniti Q60. Under the hood, more events are expected, before everything is simple and clear: the 350Z was equipped with a 3.5-liter unit, and the 307Z had guessed a 3.7-liter engine. Now, the main engine will be a 3.0-liter V6 with a capacity of 304 hp, while the super engine has the same V6 engine but with little help from a turbine, the increase is 405 hp and 475 Newton meters of torque.

There are also rumors about the hybrid version that uses the same 3.0-liter electric motor with 160 hp for a combined power of more than 500 horsepower. All engines will operate with 7-speed dual-clutch automatic. If the Japanese use rational thinking, perhaps even a 2.0-liter L4 unit is at least possible in Europe, mainly because this will bring them closer to German competition and lower the price of entry. Since the 370Z takes 5.3 seconds at 60 mph with the current condition under the hood 333 hp, we should expect faster acceleration times with the new model.

The price should remain around $30,000, but we expect you will get more with the new 2020 Nissan Z.

2020 Nissan Z Turbo

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