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2020 Ford Explorer. The cars today review are Ford Explorer model 2020. Here renewed is our key the key to the Explorer Ford 2020 we see that the same key is the trend lately the generation matters emergency key. And we have several specific functions unlock lock the touches for the remote start, opening of the tailgate and panic speaker in the back and as always the Ford logo.

This model presents subtle changes in front of the generation of 2017, starting with the pressure to have a variation in design as always the huge sport beautiful logo. We have a camera here in the front a 180 degree viewing angle and sprinkler to clean it. We have large spaces for cooling of efficient way this engine that in this case brings a pretty big change 2.3 liters compared to the previous 3.5 liters v6 this is a four-cylinder in line, but now equipped turbo compressor.

Now i’m going to talk about the technology of this great present engine also in this generation sensors parking assets including for blind spots on the sides pretty important and here we see the two major significant changes in design of this new Ford Explorer. Its lights we have combined technologies, such as led resistance and led for our directional lights towards the bottom part now our lights scouts are much smaller. This is the trend we’re seeing lately in fort inclusive what we were seeing earlier in the Ford mustang. These elongated lights and a little smaller and not exactly because that are less powerful i can even say that this led light is much more powerful than that of the generation of 2017. Now as removed the design type c in the scout lights we have curtains 100% functional as we are talking of the limit version let’s find many appliques in chrome for this generation. I’m seeing that fort has implemented combined materials we are talking about a type d. And fiber would appear at the top of glass or a special type of aluminum as always a sculpture and some designs here in the field pretty beautiful. This is for the wind to be directed towards the sides and not make aerodynamic drag with the crystal.

In the glass we are seeing a sensor a radar and a camera this is for the automatic braking, in the event of a collision. We also have the abandonment system of involuntary lane and especially the adaptive cruise control according to the vehicle speed ahead apart from this the sensor is synchronized with the cameras in the front. On the back the active sensors of parking for the autonomous parking in perpendicular and also in parallel. In this time we have our mirrors lateral led technology directional lights are electrochromic and apart from that too.

We have blind spot system too we can heat them on this occasion the ring has also changed 20 inches to the action in aluminum we have this extra tab is what i see of different in front of the generation or version of 2017 is that this tab has changed and a little about the design of the ring already. We know 20 inch aluminum alloy we have a ventilated disc system, here in the front part and system of ventilated discs in the back. You also help bs bdba already had said from the sensor it is synchronized to autonomous braking we have control of traction stability control.

We have 4×4 smart integral 4×4 on the back and smart 4×4 here in the front only when you need this power the designs that i’m seeing around the ship for this generation or for this 2020 model i see that it is the same light adapter line the belt this line up here that comes from the front part pretty musculature this skirt for the vehicle it seems a little higher than what it really is. Also this that is included here in this part and how it is about the limited version. Chrome or pretty chrome Explorer our side mirrors can be killed manually or when we block the vehicle so automatic making mention about the key now that i take it out. We can have the key close unlock the truck by passing our hand over here behind or block it and unlock the from this button also unlocking is included password this termination here type piano is preserved against the 2017 model.

Well here in the back i’m seeing more subtle changes than those we see in the front here. We have the same floating type window with a termination link type piano the same light type entity of the generation 2017 and light technology led third stop technology led this spoiler to zoom out the limit wind chrome and now for this generation it integrates or for this 2020 version. It integrates chrome in this place and chrome in this part of here we also have active sensors of parking, plastics with memory for if we hit the vehicle is not going to damage it and if we hit a pedestrian this go to work as cushioning this is a special plastic type camera 180 angle of view and also to your person to clean it. The logo Ford Explorer and now the great ecobus logo technology directly and exclusively from fort our gate here in the part of back is electric we have also the position to be able to open it from our key from that place in an electric way and we can also close it from this part of electric form manually, as you see fit if we have our hands busy we can simply open the vehicle, thus and close it in the same way.

The space here in the trunk part it’s pretty good the same as the version 2017 the chairs here in the part from behind can be shot down electronic we can knock down the to be able increase the total payload space. We can even fold the second row of seats for much larger space payload we see hooks i like to see that we have a spare tire directly here in the trunk and not under the vehicle as it is quite bothersome when it’s time to change the rim. And it is bogged down or in turn nothing we have lights a 12 volt socket of classic shape hooks, 8 hooks here in the back for hold pretty well i was looking at that. This keypad has several functions and is to make normal the third available row of seats for two extra people knock them down to the front or fold them towards the back. That a full tray let’s put it at that moment in the opposition for two extra people and now let’s look at how much space we would have in this third row of seating

as always you know that i like it talk about the engines of these 2020 Ford Explorer. The first thing we find is that we have data assistance and confirmed the theory that this is a type of material different from that of the structure of the ship last year the 2017 we were reviewing the version with 3.5 engine liters v6 this time we have 2.3 liters but here is already incorporated turbo eco bus technology. It’s pretty good and now i’m going to give it specific figures for you to they are amazed what per small does not mean that it is less efficient otherwise 22 percent more powerful than the 3.5 liter generation v6 with four cylinders here we have 280 horsepower between the 5600 revolutions but 310 foot pounds of torque from the three thousand revolutions. As we have a turbo ecobus system is always going to give that same torque and those same horsepower here does not equate to what altitude are you so they can ask about what does the ecoboost technology because they are a system of turbos but here are directly developed by the brand by Ford are a few small tubes.

They work similar to geometry variable of other brands we do not have whiplash effect when we accelerate our vehicle thoroughly and in low revolutions we also have the good response from engine is what we need exclusively for cities we need a good torque at low revolutions to minimize consumption of fuel before we had a 3.5 v6. Now we have a four-cylinder with 22% more torque or more pounds-foot of torque than this 3.5-liter version we are talking about total efficiency a of the things that were left for them this 2.3-liter engine is about fuel consumption. The box that fits for this 2.3 liters is automatic 6-speed.

We have supports in the arms very quilted seams plus seams is wood type inlay. I do not know if it’s wood or plastic brushed aluminum finishes door opening handles chromed plastics and three memories special for three ways of handling or three different drivers blocking unlocking the doors a small tweeter horn and here we have the keypad for our windows with just one touch automatic and imaginary that are anti thinking we can knock down our side mirrors from this position or blocking the truck with our key lifts lock glasses and power settings organize side mirrors the right and the left strong space drink space slide here in the inner part and starting with our helm outside covered on the inside seams is a really beautiful vehicle we have piano type ending here in the center part the Ford logo.

Marks us that has good brother this it is adjustable in height and in electric distance the configuration of our seats they are adjustable in height distance position of the bench tilted or towards down inclination of the backrest. And here lumbar adjustment it has three different positions and the multimedia screen. Also the brand that we can receive a very comfortable massage both in the part of the pilot’s seat as well as in our passenger’s chair here.

We have a pretty driving position good horita we look at the second and the third row. I feel so much space we would have continued with the rudder in the left part we have the configuration of navigation in the onboard computer full color and in the bottom part the configuration of our cross control adaptive according to the speed of the vehicle. That goes ahead of us we can configure it in this way we have on the right side the infotainment configuration with a small screen next to also our speedometer and we have several entertainment settings, navigation and configuration of our phone to the bottom hang pick up our phone, change tracks, change radio tracks, controls by volume voice more and volume less.

The full dashboard we are talking about of very high padded plastic quality that feel very good the touch automatic lights here is the sensor the multimedia system provided we already know by sony. We have android car and apple car play the multimedia system is 8 inches we have the technology without trex of the multimedia screen towards the part of down what we always have power verify what is happening there in the front part with the camera 180 degrees we can also divide it we have the parking system button autonomous in perpendicular or parallel the air conditioning system is automatic double zone are independent for the pilot for the companion apart from this our chairs through the micro perforated here in the front we can transmit heating with three levels and air ventilation system conditioning through also the themselves to the bottom of our air conditioning system we have storage space even for our phones cell phones we have there the usb jack and a classic 12 volt socket lever the changes is the is chip be kind trigger if we move it to reverse.

We have parking guides right here gear lever console space for two drink holders with the big one small and that light feature that comes including fort in your vehicles four selections of different terrain up to normal mode until groove mode, until sand mode, and we also finally have the mode. Snow gravel grass we have control of decline. Towards the back uncomfortable armrest this is a material very soft very special feels like the one on the dashboard of our mirror rear view is electrochromic, our lights here in this console led technology and we have the keypad for our roof panoramic glass that reaches the second row of seats or until the end of the second row of seats. The glove box with descent control we have quite large spaces

Which we can ensure through our key and has that kind of completion i do not think it’s wood here in the second row of seats the portfolio materials are the same very special way the incrustation wood type up here until the part of back aluminum type termination brushing also plastic handles chromed. Speaker hides quilted, same materials space drink holder slide we’re going to look at how much space we would have configuring a good position of driving.

We have very good space on my knees here in the back. I have a quite comfortable three fingers position approximately so that my knees stick with the backs we also have high leather wallets quality leather on the front chairs leathers here in the back with seams that sports line that handles. Ford is also included in exploring the seat belts in the part front are adjustable in height we have handles here in the back ducts of air conditioning we have control of air conditioning for this area. Two fast-charging usb ports and one take of what we normally see in the 110 volt house good last year can not explain a lot about these screens multimedia for those who have families those who have small children quite important these multimedia screens we can have a control in fact remote and headbands are included. We have a usb port and auxiliary towards this side we have the configuration of auxiliaries for our system divides. We have parental control in these multimedia screens are 7 inches and much is appreciated for the families. That we have children young children can that they are quite comfortable here in the back and apart from that entertained in their programs in the stafFord’s highest position Explorer three fingers in my head We have four fingers in my head we have this curtain we have anchors system specials for hundreds of children isofix in this part and in the right part apart from this in matters of security. We have airbag system in the seat belts here in the back of this vehicle as such has 9 airbags or rather i would say 10 airbags are two pilot fronts knee companion for pilot and companion go four laterals up the third row of seats go six of fall in the front for a pilot and co-pilot hand eight would count this as an airbag 9.

And would also count this other as airbags in total the technical sheet says that they are 9 i count 10 totals in this new 2020 Ford Explorer We believe that the generation previous also equip goes in the same number of airbags in the center we have in leather also a like armrest with space for two porta drinks to enter the third row of seats with two movements this lever and here we can easily enter the third row of seats as you can see the space here in the back. Obviously and because of my stature it is a little bit limited but if we set positions of driving for people of a meter seventy-five of a meter eighty and positions for the people of the second row of seats, one meter seventy-five one meter eighty easily seven adults. We have spaces to provide drinks on the side and side slides and more spaces towards back side horns on this side and to this other and rewarding to see pipelines of air conditioning up to this third row of seats so people who go here in the back do not they have to suffocate. We have to safety belts also with pretense to dor of three points and systems also isofix system special anchors for hundreds of children in these rows of seat the last row of seat.

Look for a new 2020 Ford Explorer to show his face in early 2019, possibly at the detroit motor show, with sales soon after. Prices must start in the range of $30,000 low, with st sports access to the nearest $50,000 before the options. Dear friends and fans of the cars we have reached the end of the revision of Ford Explorer 2020.

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