2019 Opel GT Specs Update And Price

Sunday, August 27th, 2017 - Opel
2019 Opel Gt Turbo Steering Wheel Seats

2019 Opel GT. As the Opel is trying to bring back its brand once more as the popularity for it has actually never subsided, it makes sense that this car might prove to be a very lucrative inclusion for the market. The concept model is set to be seen for the first time at the Geneva Auto Show and we can expect to see the production model later. The car will be a refreshing new intake for the old model that was a very interesting offer already. The 2019 Opel GT is a legendary car.

The model was one of the most popular cars back in its day. It was discontinued before and GM will bring it backs. It was debuted in the late 1960s. And will be presented again. General Motors german believe that it will make a hit again. Even some people think that it is difficult because the rear-wheel drive coupe segment is steadily declining now. But, they believe its model will be popular again. They redesigned and modify some platforms. The concept has a shelf life for two years. And 2019 is the year for them to decide whether moving forward with the project makes sense.

The newest design for the 2019 Opel GT will pay homage to its original design which made its debut in 1968. It is very interesting that they are basic their vehicle on the original model and not going for the latest kind of design which was used the last time. The original model was actually made to look like a baby Corvette and so will this one be as well. The car is going to be built on the some kind of platform that the new Astra hatchback model comes with and the exterior design will be mainly based on the Monza concept car. They are adding some very retro styling cues, like the short overhangs on both ends of the car and also muscular haunches as well.

But the only thing which we are not going to see for the 2019 version are the lever-actuated flip-up headlights which are not included in the design of the car. There are not a lot of pictures released for the inside of the 2019 Opel GT. But we can assume that they are going to base it primarily on the last design. Adding legendary features will also be made but far less than compared to the previous version. This model will bring us a setup that will be functional and comfortable so having some Easter eggs from the last version is a good choice but will not fare well for the entire car. That is why they are going for the entirely modernistic view for the car which will offer a better kind of look.

As the 2019 Opel GT model is using the platform form the latest Astra car it will stretch to 172 inches long. It will have a footprint which is actually similar to the Astra model but will be even a few inches longer than the Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S. The longer exterior will also add more spacing on the inside which will benefit the comfort of the car. The safety equipment for the 2019 Opel GT is a mystery the same way as a lot of the interior equipment is. They are probably going for a standard offer of added pieces of equipment which might prove to just be a great kind of choice for the debuting model. Of course the optional equipment is something which might really make a difference and establish even better levels for the Opel GT and we are expecting to get a lot of those as well.

New Opel GT is going to use gasoline and diesel burning four-cylinder engine which will sedan the power to its front wheels. They also use OPC-badged model powered by high performance 1.0-liter turbocharged triple sends. And it will bring a power of 145 hp and 151 lb-ft of torque. The curb weight of this tiny two-seater is less than 2,200 pounds.

The exact released date for the 2019 Opel GT has not been established yet, but it is certain that the car is going to make its appearance in 2019. After the showcasing of the concept model there is going to be more information about the car and we will be able to find out more about it but for now we are waiting to see more from the concept version. The pricing for the 2019 Opel GT is not known as well but we will get a closer estimation once the debut of the concept is done. The last version had a pricing of 30,675 euro but the base MSRP price will be considerably more than that when the car comes out.

The US pricing will be available at the same time as well. The return of the 2019 Opel GT will be a great news which all of the people are going to watch out for. This piece of news will particularly be interesting for the fans which will enjoy getting new kind of car but it will be even more interesting for the rivaling vehicles as they are going to prepared to ace the release of a new rival on the market. Perhaps a worthy contender on the European track is the Volkswagen Scirocco which will particularly be interested in the happenings from the German contender.

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