2019 Kia Rio Specs Update And Price

Sunday, July 16th, 2017 - Kia
2019 kia rio new model dimensions msrp

2019 Kia Rio. Kia Rio was first launched in 2000 as part of Kia sub-line at affordable prices. The new model is to be a continuation of the current, but will be built from the ground up and presented as the next generation model. The show is scheduled to show the upcoming Paris Motor Show when we will be able to see the car for the first time. Although the images of the 2019 Kia Rio have already been released, there is still much we still have to learn about the car.

This is true, obviously the model is getting a full turn both on the outside and inside, but there are still some pieces that have been excluded. These will appear as the release comes close and then here is a review with all the facts currently available. Rio is one of the best equipped sub-units on the market that offers great value for money. Because the current model was getting old, Kia decided it might be a good time to get the new version. The 2019 Kia Rio has already been introduced by them in the form of a hatchback and will be officially released at the Paris Motor Show.

They decided to bring things up when it came to the 2019 Kia Rio design. By looking at it, the new 2019 Kia Rio takes a big step forward as it managed to borrow the styling cues from some of the larger models of the Kia lineup. The car has straightening lines and smoother surfaces as well. The model does not seem as cheap as it used to be and has a strong athletic appearance to it now. Each small piece of headlamps has been redesigned to the bumper completely, and even the hood is longer.

The hatchback version of 2019 Kia Rio has the latest version of the company ‘s Nim Tiger’ grille. It also sports some integrated headlights and dual function, which is thinner and more sculpted. The addition of fog lamps are also new and are now placed from the bumper. The rear end features a more sporty appearance thanks to the bright features of the car. The upright rear section has a semi-vertical back door window, and the rear lights are thinner and have a signature arrow-shaped lid.

To complete the look, there is a revised rear spoiler and a completely new publisher as well. The 2019 Kia Rio took a huge step in terms of its appearance and design. The car has been able to update the dashboard and also adds a “floating”, high-resolution touch screen. Some of the other changes that come in the mix are the A / C trapezoidal slots in the corners, the new door panels, the redesigned steering wheel, the redesigned center tunnel and the armrest, and also the completely new hardware range. For the more upscale and smoother appearance the plastic surfaces and upholstery Cloth. You can get upholstery seats of black or gray cloth, or even choose a black or gray skin.

Thanks to the longer wheelbase, the internal spacing has improved as well. There is much more to the groum, which was expected by the car as the seating and shoulder room spacing further widens. So it offers us 11.5 cubic feet of cargo space. There are many new technological improvements that are also available for the car. For example, Android Auto, Apple Car Play and the Independent Emergency Garage are now being introduced with pedestrian recognition, although the latter is the first timer for the Kia badge.

So far it is still unknown what the 2019 Kia Rio engines will use. However, given the latest C”d, it is safe to assume that Rio will use a very similar setup. At least in Europe, a turbocharged one-liter turbocharged three-engine petrol engine is expected with up to 110 bhp and 171 Nm of torque. The 1.8-liter inhaled natural aspirin with the US market model can be moved relatively unchanged. However, Kia may also go on another road and release 2019 Kia Rio with a 1.6 liter turbo engine.

This is known for being able to make over 200 horsepower in some applications. The basic US market model can easily do from 140 to 150 horsepower, slightly larger torque than the larger 1.8-liter engine, as well as improving fuel efficiency. The G version was also used for some time. Although it is not official, one insider Kia unnamed said that Rio is next in line. This 1.6 liter engine can be mated to a six-speed manual gearbox while having an output of nearly 200 horsepower.

It is also expected that the 2019 Kia Rio sedan will soon be launched soon with two of them expected in the US market in 2018. The new car is larger than before and this is due in large part to a new platform. The structure it is using now is wider and has a longer wheelbase. The 2019 Kia Rio hatchback is 0.6 inches longer than before, it has a 0.4 inch longer wheelbase, it is also slightly wider. Although the changes are not great, it should be enough to become more comfortable throughout the car.

2019 Kia Rio price is not now suspended but given the competition, the starting point is expected from about $15,000 to $16,000. With the booming sales that was last year it would be very good for the brand to continue the same kind of promise. But in terms of competing cars you will have to face the Ford Fiesta and the Volkswagen Polo as its main competitor.


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