2019 Ferrari 488 Spider Specs Update And Price

Thursday, August 10th, 2017 - Ferrari
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2019 Ferrari 488 Spider. Ferrari would never admit it, but the arrival of McLaren has triggered an arms race among supercar makers, and the track-tuned 488’s mission is to better the upcoming McLaren 720S in all respects. The regular 488 is already quicker than the previous 458 Speciale, so it’s a fair bet that the new car, following Ferrari’s recent form, will be truly spectacular. The 2019 Ferrari 488 Spider is the new model in the 488 lineup, joining the 488 GTB. It’s a two seated sports luxury car. It has the new turbo-charged V8 producing 661 HP.

The car has a more aerodynamic body compared to the regular model, with a flat front section generating downforce and pushing it to the ground. It also features the new Ferrari patented blown spoiler, to produce downforce with low drag. Proof of the glorious insecurity that motivates the Maranello folk. The 488GTB already leads its segment in both speed and excitement, but the forthcoming stripped-and-whipped version will be even quicker and more thrilling. Its predecessors have been named Speciale, Scuderia, and Challenge Stradale, but we’re predicting l’ultimo 488 will carry a different suffix.

The 2019 Ferrari 488 Spider cockpit was inspired by the Formula 1 philosophy of creating a relationship between the car and the driver. The new lighter and compact dashboard curves around the cockpit. The new door panels are marvelous work to provide quality and attention to detail. It’s more comfortable with the new ergonomic armrest. It has the keyless start/stop button in the steering wheel to be more practical. It also comes with the new seats with fixed headrests for comfort.

Its available in a wide range of color options including the unique Blu Corsa livery, made exclusively for the Spider variant. The new exterior of the 2019 Ferrari 488 Spider features the new muscular styling to match its aerodynamic requirements, sportiness and the performance while being a drop-top. The new side flank air intakes for the intercoolers are eye-catching. The Spider comes with a new design to enhance its muscular sportiness called the Blu Corsa livery. The front has a single grille opening.

The hood has a raised section to compliment its two channels with air vents. The roof mechanism is very smart. The hard top roof is tucked away behind the seats with no compromises. The two-part roof can be folded by the electric motors within 14 seconds on speeds of up to 25 miles an hour. The electric glass panel just behind the seats act as a wind deflector. The back panel covers the engine and the two-part roof with no compromises. The car while having the roof on has the same noise canceling as the 488 GTB which is remarkable for a convertible.

Just like the other models, the 2019 Ferrari 488 Spider is also an mid-engined car. It’s only available in rear wheel drive. The car comes with a unique and exhilarating soundtrack, thanks to it’s new turbo-charged V8. It produces a maximum power of 492 kW at 8000 rpm and 760 Nm of maximum torque at 6750 rpm. It accelerates to 62 miles an hour or 100 kilometers an hour from standstill in 3 seconds and to 124 miles an hour or 200 kilometers an hour in 8.7 seconds. It has a maximum speed of 203 miles an hour or 325 kilometers an hour. It has the F1 based 7-speed dual-speed transmission. It produces a total of 661 horsepower. The exhaust note of the car has no indication of turbochargers being present most of the time. And thanks to its advanced system, there is no turbo-lag whatsoever.

The predictable cadence of Ferrari’s model plans means we should see the 488 Speciale at the Geneva show this year, going on sale as a 2019 model. The company knows 2019 Ferrari 488 Spider can charge a substantial premium for its rarest cuts of meat, so don’t be surprised to find it’s up to $100,000 more expensive than the 488GTB somewhere in the mid-$300,000s for starters. Competition: The forth­-coming Lamborghini Huracán Performante is aimed at a similar target audience: those for whom regular supercars just aren’t super enough.

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