2019 BMW M Roadster Specs Update And Price

Monday, August 7th, 2017 - BMW
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2019 BMW M Roadster. Like with most updated models, the M Roadster remains the same, at least for the most part. The convertible’s design hasn’t changed, specifically in the front and rear fascia. That said, this isn’t the same exact M Roadsters either. There are upgrades in place all over the car that help distinguish it from its predecessor. Some are more obvious than others, but the objectives of freshening up the M Roadster for a plate of new customers are all there. What’s the plan with the 2019 BMW M Roadster Series Convertible? Well, the company has decided that they are going to make a lot of improvement and also variations for different packages and trims. For now, they are going to focus on the power since they will be dealing with different variants.

Ok, we’ve established that the 2019 BMW M Roadster is not a new model. It’s been around since 2014, but it’s only now that the car is getting an update. Even then, the term “update” is subjective. Other updates offer significant upgrades whereas others barely have any differences in them other than a cosmetic tweak here or an aesthetic tuck there. The 2019 BMW M Roadster falls somewhere in the middle. It’s still largely the same model since the front and rear fascia are the same, as is the side profile. Even BMW’s iconic kidney grille remains the same, a staple for all models that fall under the German automaker’s name. Unless you’re a stickler for details, it’s going to be difficult to find significant changes to the updated M Roadster.

That said, if you are that stickler, you should be able to notice the changes that BMW made to the M Roadster. First up are the headlights, particularly those sexy LEDs that now come as standard on all M Roadster models. In addition, the Icon Adaptive LED headlights with those hexagonal graphics are now available as options in case those standards LEDs aren’t working for you. For the most part though, the updated M Roadster is largely defined by the lot of new accessories and packages that BMW has on offer for the sporty drop-top. Yep, those who have been pining for some M Performance goodies on the 2019 bmw M Roadster should be thrilled to know that their wishes have been granted. For the first time since the German automaker split the 3 Series to create the 4 Series, BMW’s M Performance Accessories are now available as added options.

There’s the Exterior Carbon package, which adds carbon styling components to the M Roadster’s overall look. The front and lower trims, in particular, are worthy additions to the M Roadster. The same can be said for the new spoiler and rear diffuser,both of which are made from carbon fiber. Another package that’s now available for the M Roadster is the Carbon Mirror package, which, as the name so predictably suggests, comes with carbon fiber mirrors. Those who opt for some upgrades to the M Roadster’s wheelers have the Competition package to look into. Not only does it provide the traditional high-gloss black exterior components, it also has a new set of 20-inch, forged light alloy wheels that are designed in a star-spoke 666 M style. And as a final piece of touch, BMW is also offering a Black Exterior package that’s made up of black kidney grilles, side bars and exhaust tips.

For a starter, the regular 2019 BMW M Roadster will be offered as the convertible. And as for the GTS, there will be a coupe. For the conventional power arrangement, the inline six twin-turbo engine with 425 hp of power will be provided along with the manual six-speed or the auto seven-speed transmission of course, with the rear wheel driving system. They also offer the Competition package with a slight increase of 44 hp of power. But if you want a boost of authority, you should go with the GTS that is producing 492 hp of power. But no matter what types of ride you choose from the line of 2019 BMW M Roadster Series Convertible, be sure that you only get the best performance that will meet your expectation.

There is no doubt that the BMW M Roadster will be coming with all the promising greatness, but it is the GTS that catches everyone’s attention. Aside from the fact that it will be coming with all the great technologies and features, the GTS will be coming with water injection system, along with the six cylinders inline twin-turbo engine. Although water injection isn’t a new thing in the auto industry, it can deliver a high performance when paired up with the right systems and technologies.What so special about the water injection system, anyway? Well, it can provide a better cooling ability for the engine. When you pack a great machine with super fast speed, it gets hot pretty quickly and having the water injection system will ensure that your engine stays cool without compromising the performance of the ride itself.

Pricing for the updated 2019 BMW M Roadster has yet to be revealed, but even if the number isn’t out yet, that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate a little bit. We do know that the 2019 BMW M Roadster Coupe starts at £57,817. That converts to a price of $72,178 at current exchange rates. Over in the US, the previous M Roadster started at $66,200 so if we take into account all the updates, the price should tick up to around $67,000. As far as the M Roadster is concerned, the previous model came with a starting price of $74,600 so again, we’re doing a little mental gymnastics here and assume that the updated M Roadster will get its own price hike, possibly around $1,400 to bring its starting price up to $76,000. Remember, these numbers have not yet been confirmed by BMW but at least we have can have an idea on how much we’re going to have to pay for the performance convertible when it goes on sale here in the US later in the year.

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