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Thursday, December 7th, 2017 - Bentley
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2019 Bentley Truck Tag. The new Bentley Truck Tag is based on the same Audi model platform called Q7. Its exterior design would be similar to the Continental GT but Bentley made it more suitable for SUVs but, of course, Bentley made some very different details from this model. The first and most obvious difference is that the grille is larger and the bonnet is longer. The bumpers are the same, at the front and on the back of the new 2018 Bentley Truck Tag.

When we take a look at the new Bentley Truck Tag we can see that it is quite similar to the X-9 F concept and it will come rolling on either a 20 or 22-inch set of wheels. The interesting thing on the outside of 2018 Bentley Truck Tag is that more than 60% of its roof is made of glass panels until the new Bentley has a sunroof as well. Paradise for the rich and lovers of pure luxury, the name can be named one 2019 Bentley Truck Tag. After international trends, speaking luxury SUV.

Absolutely perfect aesthetics. In addition to researching market needs and desires of drivers make the necessary design corrections. Traditional drivers will be satisfied. SUVs are still consistent and confident in success. The most luxurious SUV in the world. With not much design experimentation. A typical mesh mask instantly reveals the secret of the car’s origin. The headlamps are modern and equipped with LED lighting. The latter part is sleek and stunning consistent with every detail. Using an aluminum bag, the weight of the chassis is reduced. This will be reflected in improved riding and improved fuel consumption.

Developed on the MLB platform, which shares with the Audi Q7. With the revised size will still retain a mathematical design. The interior is quite conservative. Coated with the best materials, which are carefully selected by designers. The bulk of the surface is covered with leather, while the other details of wood. The central part of the cockpit career is multimedia presentation. The same is available for passengers in-depth. All seats are electronically adjustable, with the possibility of adding heaters and massagers. The 2019 Bentley Truck Tag cabin can accommodate five passengers and adequate baggage.

There is a possibility of two separate rear seats, a stand that can be adjusted independently. This is called a luxury car. Many accessories are provided at an additional charge. These are various compartments, drawers, and fun accessories. For example, special shelves in the trunk of the hunters. Equipped with all necessary hooks, lures and special carriers for rods. This detail will delight nature lovers and fishing. This 2019 Bentley Truck Tag will go down the hot asphalt, and for the first time set wheels on the pitch.

2019 Bentley Truck Tag weighs 2.5 tons and a car this size to a counter to 60 mph in 4.0 seconds and reach a top speed of 187 mph and you will definitely need a powerful engine. For starters, getting two turbochargers, engine displacement of 6.0 L and 12 cylinders must do the trick. As shown as the standard is a 30 kg cylinder disabling system which is 21.6 mpg and emits 297 g / km of carbon dioxide. But you’ll need all the best in the world for you to get anyone those fuel consumption figures in real life driving.

Updated suspension settings provide up to four driving modes and four off-road modes for 4-wheel drive and air suspension. As you expect from Bentley, riding is smooth and quiet and is not related whether you are in sports or resting mode, because with Bentley, things can never be too much. The W12 engine provides a smooth ride especially in low cycles, but working harder makes it a “roar” ride like the real Bentley which really makes the driving experience particularly worthwhile. Again at low-speed, you may experience occasional snatching from the automatic gearbox.

A combination of luxurious luxury and perfect performance ideal solution for drivers who likes perfect driving conditions and travel. Bentley Motors achieved record sales last year. Worldwide, customers are delivered more than 11,000 vehicles. This represents a 9% increase in sector sales. Particularly noteworthy is the significant increase in sales in Europe. For up to 56%. These positive results take a lot of SUV credit called 2019 Bentley Truck Tag. Now the model will happen and redesigned. We should expect his release in February with a price of about $200,000.

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