2016 Jeep Cherokee Specs Update And Price

Monday, May 28th, 2018 - Jeep
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What’s happening guys, today We have something so so special something so so dear in my heart, We are a huge fanatic of the grand cherokees. This is review a 2016 SRT night Grand Cherokee SRT night this thing is so badass guys. Let’s take a look at the sticker real quick $65,000 plus, this will put you into this vehicle plus with the additional options that it has you’re looking at seventy six thousand dollars, okay We mean the SRT 8 is a 6.4 liter Hemi v8 engine. When look at those Brembo pads they are huge the stopping power is incredible on this car because it will literally peel your head right back when you step on to the pedal as you can see there right. In the front we have the collision control right in the front beautiful eye daytime running lights, as you can see there on majority of the upper-end Grand Cherokees they all have the LED daytime running lights as well as we have gorgeous leds right on the bottom right there for the for the kind of like daytime running as well as the fog lamps. While the hood look at that beautiful indentation.


We are so excited about this car, this is truly it’s basically like a dream come true. Obviously keyless entry We just want to give you guys a quick overview of the interior and then we’re going to get really into it, and we’re going to go for a quick test ride Harman Kardon sound system take a look at these doors.well a little bit but we’ll say beautiful carbon fiber on the inside, with a little bit of a stainless trim we got gorgeous interior stitching all done in white, really nice door obviously you have your open and close. There you have your windows you can auto lock the windows this will regulate your side view mirrors.right there gorgeous angle image on the srt, right in this really really nice leather. We mean can you look at these bucket seats, these things are meant to hug you from the from the incredible speed that this car produces honestly. We’re just giving you guys a quick overview right inside there before. We talk more about the exterior and the interior if you guys are familiar with the Grand Cherokees, you guys already know there’s really nothing too different from this Grand Cherokee compared to a Laredo or a limited or a summit, except for the fact that it’s one of the most powerful vehicles in the in the Grand Cherokee lineup in the G lineup.

At the steering wheel, look at the incredible beautiful stitching, look at the de racing the Racing modification done to the steering wheel incredible. Right there you have your launch control, you have your different settings, you can go sport track snow or tow, a lot of different options.on there you have your beautiful touch screen that screen is kind of a not fully lit, because the lights on up front but let me go ahead and turn them off. The touch screen it’s pretty much standard on all the Grand Cherokees, but overall there you can see we have beautifully. Padded top of the dash there with really nice, nice leather fabric as well as white stitching all around and also this has the nice suede headliner. There it’s beautiful and we have an enormous panoramic sunroof let me actually just take that down, this is huge it’s so big alright well actually wanted it to open.a panoramic sunroof in some sort of like super like kind of like luxury comfort car. But this is balls-out the most incredible speed machine almost known to man. We mean this thing could run head-to-head with the best of them and it’s got a beautiful panoramic sunroof so let’s talk a little bit about actually before we go into the inside one more time.

Let’s talk a little about the back seat extremely comfortable it looks beautiful. We mean We have one of these I don’t have an SRT but We have a Grand Cherokee so We kind of have an idea what to expect but i’ll tell you something this enormous panoramic roof. It looks like to be in the back seat as you guys will notice and i’ll talk a little about that brand new shifter into 2016 models that’s something – that’s just amazing you know I haven’t We have a brand new 75th anniversary 2016 Grand Cherokee and it has the new shifter on it and We loved it loved it so much.

So We want to tell you guys right now these seats are super super comfortable. There in the back okay the leather is really really high-quality really soft you have your two vents right there in the backseat you also have two USB controllers as well as two seat heaters in the back, which is awesome. You also have that carbon, that We talked about in the front door all throughout there so you have carbon all around. All of the doors okay and that car Harman Kardon system all throughout two speakers in the back. There we have two speakers as you can see there there’s one bottom one there and one in the right at the top of the door. There We like how they have these little lights right there in the headliner really really nice man this car is something special. All right well let me let me take you out of the back seat you guys coming with me for this ride or what let’s do this alright let’s go ahead and take a seat in the front. We’re so so excited we’re going to rev the engine we’re going to talk a little more about this but first you know what I want to do.

We mean look at these paddle shifters they are meant for you to just go oh they just pull that thing We’re really really excited right now. As you guys could probably tell here’s your phone okay you pick it up you drop your call voice recognition right there this little panel right there basically interacts with this middle part. Right there so if We click let’s say, We click upward okay so inside, it kind of gives you like Diagnostics it kind of gives you a lot of additional features, you could do messages, you could control your trip, so you can control your fuel economy as you can see right there the range is the averages the miles per gallon. And so forth if We crib if We click on this one this is ad adaptive cruise control if it’s you know obviously going to be traveling to do it on ultimate automatic adaption to most Road conditions. So like you can click the option for do it automatically or you could do it otherwise if you click all right there on the srt option it basically you could do. You could do lap times okay you can do all sorts of lap times, you could reset it you know they have all different options.

And as you can see right on top there this was your last lap time this is what your best lap time is and so forth going further we have additional options on the car this is like the PSI tire pressures. You also have the coolant temperature you have your trans temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure and your battery, and air intake temperature, so many different engine torque, engine power.

There’s so many freakin options on this thing that it is just out of control so let me just go ahead and put it back on miles per hour and leave it at that let’s talk a little bit about the this part. Right there which is one of the most important parts, now since the recent a lot of the recalls that have been happening on the on the shifters on the previous models everything from 2015 and back down it kind of was like a kind of bulky shifter that went this way that had a lot of slippage. We had a lot of issues when you would put it in park sometimes it wouldn’t recognize it or put it in neutral and there was a lot of lawsuits and so forth but man oh man so on my 2016 Grand Cherokee it has this brand new shifter.

The Grand Cherokee 2016 SRT Knight this is one of the most smoothest. We wish you could feel how this thing feels ok if you guys aren’t familiar basically that we’re in park now we have reverse when you throw it in Reverse we have your backup camera right there then you can go down a neutral or drive. If you wanted to go sports mode you can just throw that right over the S will light up and you can switch gears ball throughout right there okay you could either do you can either do it that way just put that in park you can either do it that way or you could switch gears with the paddle shift.

The paddle shifters are so freakin nice and comfortable they do feel a little cheap they’re a little plasticky, but overall the experience will not matter because this thing will just move and move forward talking about what some of the options. For the cover for the panoramic sunroof there is your garage access you can have different recordings for three separate garages and this for automatic event auto open as so forth this is just to actually open the sunroof and just so you guys know only this first part opens up that back part does not there these are just two lights. So from there you could actually open the trunk as well as closed there’s actually an arrow pointing up and down there you have your sunglass thingy great and obviously you have your on. On all the new 2016’s on there mirrors they actually have this if you guys could see it has says assist as well as 911. This will predetermined a geo targeted location for you could get a needle assistance, if there’s ever some sort of issue if you guys are not familiar with this interior panel right here, this is the you connect screen beautifully done. You could go FM stations you can go you could do your XM here’s your radio if you click on media right there. This connects to your bluetooth on your phone so you can automatically stream Bluetooth music directly into there it’s wonderful the controls panel right there. You have heated steering wheel you have your ventilated seats or you have your heated seats.

You can dim your mirror, if you want also the passenger has vented seats which is a cooling, or you have your heated seats also this car with the uconnect you can actually download applications that will go directly onto there. For example We Heart Radio or other applications such as so and you can have them on. There you can click on climate. If you click on navigation you can click on view map where we are and so forth it will basically obviously you guys know a navigation is. We could click on the phone option, we could dial from there also a beautiful part about this within the Grand Cherokee you can actually click on voice recognition. And We can even make a text directly in from phone to whoever else right from there.


We just want to go ahead and talk about the exterior, so it’s got an obviously it’s got its back tint that’s you know that’s understandable. That’s great but We love that on the more higher-end grand cherokees the entire panels there are not like a cheap small plastic like they usually are. It’s a full piece it really makes it look aggressive. We mean this car just seems so freakin intense in the back. There we have the Jeep logo done in all black the SRT logo done all in black obviously guys this is brought to you by Barbera. We’re going to link them down in the description area and you’ll be able to click right into their live inventory if you’re interested in this car make sure you click the link below make sure you give them a call this car is obviously equipped with the remote trunk space. So all you got to do is click this it’ll come down that also has the ability to do it from the remote tons and tons of room there in, in the in the trunk. We mean that’s one another reason why We love the Grand Cherokees. I mean look at all that trunk space also this car obviously to the to how much it cost you also have these stainless steel pieces right here. So if you’re kind of putting luggage down it could slide right across with ease sometimes, it only comes with felt it’s a little harder but it’s really not a big deal this for at least right there you push this down you pull it up and you have your full-size spare tire let’s go ahead and close the trunk because that’s really not important. But maybe i’ll open it again for you guys when We want to take the remote as you can see there just closes right up and you can also do the same thing from inside look at those monster exhaust have you seen anything.

For a drive you got also additional SRT emblem edge right there backup sensors all throughout this thing is such a beast. These are a beautiful 20-inch srt8 SRT rims with enormous Brembo calipers. Brembo is have really known for its high performance stopping power it is one of the best brake systems on the market.

We’re going to turn the car off for a second okay let’s go outside. And we’re going to do it properly so what I first want to show you guys is this is the srt8 key I mean SRT. We got to stop saying SRT a because there’s no srt8 it’s an SRT Grand Cherokee Jeep 2016 night edition. This is the key it’s got the auto release right there if the key was in there this bottom part. And this is really it so what you can do from this key you got your panic button you have your auto start with the two. You see where the 2 is right there that’s an auto start you have your open and close and this is for the trunk so. If We hit it twice right there the trunk will go ahead and open automatically, as you can see right there.

We’re just going to go ahead and We’re going to go position myself right there by the exhaust hopefully you can hear it and We’re going to hit this button right there for an auto start oh my god that’s sound let me get closer can you hear that Wow that is so special that is so special.

Let’s go ahead and turn it off one more time actually just so you guys know when you get into the car. On the on any Jeep and you did auto start the doors are actually closed. So you have to double tap the outside of the door when you’re going when you’re coming in. You have to have the key in your hand it will let you in. Also the car actually has to you have to hit this engine start.

Put the key down and We’re going to hit the start engine and show you guys what that front looks like alright and as we kind of rev the engine. We love reving that engine. The digital dash is so freaking nice as you can see. On the right we have the fuel we have your heat the hot and cold for the engine there are so many different things that you can do inside. There I mean on the Grand Cherokees if you guys see my previous videos obviously again. Hold on a second. We want to talk about the steering wheel super comfortable. We’re a steering wheel guy there’s nothing more important to a guy especially  then driving with a really really nice comfortable steering wheel.


Going to pop the hood we’re going to go take a look at what this car looks like underneath the hood. And then we’ll take this thing for a ride alright so this is the 6.4 liter Hemi v8, this thing is a monster, this engine size, this thing will literally. We mentioned to you guys what this is right there this launch control so the launch control basically what you would do is with the launch control all you do is you click it and the car literally just goes crazy.


We’re not going to be going too far. And We’re not going to be putting this thing – it’s a highest capacity. We think We found my next car only if I had $74,000 to spend on the car this would certainly be on my list but unfortunately this is just not gonna happen. This is an A+ car if you have $74,000 – $75,000 to spend on this kind of car.

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